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Set your Climate Targets

The JESC Carbon Initiative is a project by the Jesuit European Social Centre that aims to support faith-based organisations and communities in articulating a dialogue around the ecological transition and in designing and setting their climate transition plans in motion.

“Working with JESC has enabled us to estimate and analyse the EOF Province’s carbon footprint, giving us the benchmarks we needed to take a consistent approach to reducing our emissions”

Gabrielle Pollet

Ecological Transition Officer, Jesuit EOF Province

Our Approach

Following the Jesuit tradition, we offer an accompanied journey into carbon management and the setting of climate targets within the frame and themes of integral ecology and ecological conversion. Our approach combines the evaluation of the carbon profile of your institution or community with an analysis of ecological governance mechanisms, an assessment of attitudes towards ecological action and a participatory outlook when designing climate transition paths.

Through our auditing process we aim to create paths to ecological conversion which not only deliver measurable impact, but which also serve as a shared learning and spiritual experience leading to new, sustainable, ways of relating to our planet.

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Managing and reducing our carbon footprint is a collective effort that requires the participation of everyone in the community and change can only deliver impact and achieve sustainable results through shared awareness, joint discernment and collective commitment.

Because of this, our process emphasises a participative and community-focused process centred around the development of an ecological dialogue and the empowerment of individuals to take action.

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Tons of CO2 (per year) identified for reductions across all interventions

By looking at the world through the prism of the carbon emissions and fostering a conversation around it, we create the conditions under which a robust and impactful ecological transition plans can be produced, implemented, monitorised and reviewed.

Information is power, and actionable information is the gateway to change. We believe that a carbon audit driven approach which systematises and convenes all information related to the carbon profile of a community or an organisation through easy-to-grasp indicators constitutes the optimal departing point to talk environmental sustainability.


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We currently work along four different lines of work to provide accompaniment, custom sustainability solutions and climate planning to our partners.

Want to know more?

If you have questions about the project or about the next steps towards the managing of your own carbon transition, contact us to learn more about our approach and / or how we can help your community or organisation.